A thermally insulated system used to design roofs of complex-shape garden rooms;the system is dedicated to Victorian winter gardens.
The VT system satisfies requirements relating to profile thermal insulation, rainwater and air tightness. It also guarantees proper ventilation provided appropriate ventilation equipment is used, regardless of weather conditions

A wide range of colours available - RAL palette, structural colours, Wood Colour Effect, anoda, bi-colour

Technical description:
- rafter fixed in the eave and the ridge using pinned hinge fasteners
- engineered corner joints of various angles: convex and concave;
- available valley beams and rafter blocks (rafter of various heights to obtain a span of the winter garden roof from 1,8 m to 4,5 m.)
- separate gutter fixed to the eave profile using hangers providing a slope and a separate eave profile
- option of installation above and below gutters – profiles and ornamental elements (decorative combs, structural ties, enclosures of discharge chutes)
- Victorian Plus is a system suitable for filling made of wall polycarbonate as well as glazed units





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