HPL Panels


HPL (High Pressure Laminates) is a multi-layer material obtained by thermo-pressing different materials, and is most similar to Bakelite. Compared to PVC, HPL has a higher resistance to thermal and UV deformations. Its important feature is water resistance.
HPL panels are of top quality and workmanship, so we recommend the Futur series to our customers, which is characterized by its diversity, and thus includes panels with various combinations of shapes.
Futur decorative panels can be reinforced and without reinforcement in thicknesses of 24 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm.

The glass in the panels is IZO glass and can be in a two-layer or three-layer package. Different types of glass can further personalize your chosen panel, so we offer you different ornamental glass, sandblasted with lead tape, stained glass with foil, facets, stained glass with facet, fusion glass, etc.
Certain panels have the option of installing safety glass.
The applications on the panels can be in white, red, green, blue, gray, in wood decors, and certainly the most attractive for our customers are the Inox applications.
All Futur HPL panels can be in standard white color, then various decors.


We present you part of our offer of decorative HPL panels, you can download the entire offer of the Futur series here.

Model Rastoke

Model Galovac

Model Hvar

Model Ston

Model Kozjak

Model Jankovac

Model Vrana

Model Vrsar

Model Telaščica

Model Erd

Model Jezerce

Model Lastovo

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