The SP aluminum system is designed for the production of windows, doors and constructions whose parameters in terms of thermal insulation are high. Available variants of the system are IP i, IP i+.
High insulation parameters are achieved through the use of special thermal inserts that are placed between the thermal partitions and around the glass. In this way, the thermal conductivity coefficient is improved by 0.2 to 0.4 W/(m2K).

The system enables the design of modern solutions of window constructions, it can be incorporated into facade systems, so it is also used in residential and commercial buildings.
The profiles are available in rectangular and rounded versions, and in addition to the standard ones, they are also suitable for the installation of hidden fittings. The system is also compatible with PVC fittings.
When making single-leaf or double-leaf balcony doors, the possibility of installing a low threshold. A wide range of glazing enables the application of all existing types of glass - single-chamber, double-chamber, acoustic and anti-burglary.

A large palette of colors available - RAL, structural colors, wood imitation, anodizing, two-tone profiles.

SP 800

Aluminum system with thermal break intended for making doors with high thermal insulation. Compatible with other SP series systems.
SP 800 has excellent anti-burglary properties due to the location of the lock, which is located far from the outside.

The system is available in two variants: standard SP800 i, as well as SP 800 i+ - a highly thermally insulated system with special thermal inserts between the thermal partitions and around the glass.
Colors - RAL palette, anodizing, structural color palette, tree bark imitation palette. The possibility of two-color profiles for an even greater degree of individuality in door design.

SP i+

SP 800 i+

System Heat transfer coefficient Resistence to wind load Tightness against driving rain Dimensions / Glazing range
SP Uf 1,57 W/m2K Class C5/B5 Class E1950 75 mm / 84 mm / 14 - 61 mm
SP i+ Uf 1,08 W/m2K Class C5/B5 Class E1950 75 mm / 78 mm / 14 - 51 mm
SP 800 i Uf 1,61 W/m2K Class 2400 Pa Class 8A 75 mm / 75 mm / 14 - 61 mm
SP 800 i+ Uf 1,36 W/m2K Class 2400 Pa Class 8A 75 mm / 75 mm / 14 - 61 mm

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