In addition to high-quality PVC and aluminum systems, it is absolutely imperative to choose safe and high-quality fittings. In Fenstram windows, the highest quality fittings of world-famous brands such as Winkhaus, Hoppe, GU and others are installed. Quality fittings are a guarantee for flawless functioning of carpentry for many years. In addition to functionality, fittings also have a safety function. This is especially important in family facilities where small children stay, whose curiosity can lead them into dangerous situations. That's why for rooms where little ones stay, we recommend window handles that have the option of locking. The difference in price compared to a regular handle is minimal, and the feeling of security and relaxation you get is immeasurable. Another aspect of security is reflected in the anti-burglary function that every window and door should have. That is why we recommend safety fittings to all our valued clients. The level of security that we provide to our clients according to European standards is in class RC1 and RC2. The main advantage of these locking systems is the installation of safety catches at the key points of windows and doors, which makes them almost impossible to break into. Trust us and see for yourself in our quality!

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