A three-chamber door system with thermal insulation, intended for the construction of accordion doors that enable the arrangement of wide, open passages.
The possibility of applying two types of threshold systems: a system with a flat threshold with brush sealing, as well as an impermeable threshold made on the basis of the entire frame on the circumference of the entire terrace window.
Depending on the requirements and application, the Panorama system offers constructions with inward or outward opening in a large wing configuration (2+1, 3+2, 3+3).
New integrated fittings: hinges with bottom wheels, lever hinges and low handles improve the functionality of the structure. At the same time, they reduce the dimensions of the assembled structure of the accordion door. Thanks to the visual minimization of the width of the profile applied in the system, one gets the feeling of the insignificant weight of the accordion door construction.
The Panorama system is available in a variant with increased thermal insulation capacity - thanks to the application of additional thermal inserts on the perimeter and between the partitions of the door leaf, as well as the frame. Available options: Panorama, Panorama and+.
The accordion door system enables the creation of an aesthetic and functional system that is comfortable for users and at the same time provides the opportunity to use the space in the building very efficiently.
A wide range of available solutions and potential applications enables the design of constructions such as: from systems for balconies, terraces or winter gardens to public buildings and business premises.
The possibility of varnishing according to the RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), in the wood structure Aliplast Wood Color Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized finish, also bicolor.
See the color palette here.

System Heat transfer coefficient Resistence to wind load Tightness against driving rain Dimensions / Glazing range
DV Uf 1,68 W/m2K Class C1 (400 Pa) Class E1050 74,5 mm / 74,5 mm / 16 - 50
DV i+ Uf 1,33 W/m2K Class C1 (400 Pa) Class E1050 74,5 mm / 74,5 mm / 16 - 50

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