PremiDoor AluClip 76

With the innovative lifting-sliding system PremiDoor 76 AluClip, you have everything - functionality, durability and a sense of complete freedom when choosing a color.
Architecturally and technically perfect - Premidoor 76 AluClip will fit into any environment and improve its appearance and value.

Whether it is your green garden or an urban city environment - with PremiDoor 76 AluClip you can bring the outside world into your home thanks to the large glass surfaces.

This modern barrier-free lift-and-slide system stands out even more because of its excellent thermal insulation properties and ease of use.
An excellent choice for both new and renovated buildings, it can easily be adapted to a modern style, but also to a traditional style of construction.

PremiDoor 76 AluClip has a construction of 5 chambers and has a perfectly integrated aluminum lining on the outside. The depth of the wings is 76 mm, and the total installation depth is 189.5 mm.

Striking profile design in one plane, gives more space to glass surfaces. Glass packages up to 50 mm thick are easily installed in the five-chamber construction.
With a maximum width of up to 6.5 m and a height of up to 2.6 m of each individual element, an impressive 16.9 m2 per element can be obtained.

Already in the standard version, PremiDoor 76 AluClip has a thermal insulation value of Uf = 1.4 W/(m²K), which is why it is one of the best in the class of lift-and-slide systems.
The system is designed to meet the security requirements of all our customers with security class up to RC2.

PremiDoor 76 AluClip sliding system with aluminum coating on the outside offers unlimited possibilities in terms of color. You have complete freedom of choice between the entire palette of colors according to the RAL system in matte or gloss, as well as various structures and anodizing.

See the color palette here.

Our ecological principle is - energy-efficient systems with the participation of recycled PVC in the basic raw materials, then the use of lead-free PVC with stabilizers based on calcium and zinc. In this way, a quality product is obtained and at the same time it raises awareness about environmental protection.

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