Sun protection


Before the hot summer months, it's time to think about how to protect windows and terraces from the sun's rays, because even air conditioners don't help when the heat enters the home through the glass. There are many ways in which you can solve this problem and make your stay pleasant even during the summer. External protection in the form of different blinds, blinds and shutters is certainly the most effective.

Blinds are the most common choice of customers due to the wide choice in design, as well as the type of installation. They can be installed together with the windows, but also subsequently at the request of the customer.
They protect against heat, completely darken the room, reduce noise, but also protect against unwanted views and burglars. They are perfect for any climate.

The blinds have a modern and very attractive design. They protect your space from all weather influences, especially from exposure to the sun and unnecessary heating.

They have the possibility of shading and allow the flow of light even in the lowered state, which is an advantage compared to classic blinds, which completely darken the room when they are in the lowered position.

Grilles are associated with romance and the Mediterranean, they will never go out of fashion, they look attractive even when they are on the window of a home located on the beach, but also on a busy street in a big city.
They can prevent heat from entering the home by up to 40 percent, they are attached to the wall, roof or window frame, they are also effective in winter because they protect against the entry of cold air. They are made of aluminum.

All types of sun protection are made from the highest quality raw materials and with proper handling ensure flawless functioning for a very long period of time.


Blinds are effective protection against the sun, cold, wind, noise and burglary. They are made of PVC and aluminum and can be manual or motorized. Several types of installation are offered, for more technical information, select the desired system.


Made of extremely high-quality materials, blinds have a long service life and the ability to regulate light. We offer three types of blinds, for more information select the desired system.

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