External blinds Termobox-V

New in the world of blinds - insulating window box TERMOBOX - V. The blinds system with the Termobox box is an ideal solution for installation in a new building (according to passive house standards), which requires maximum insulation.
This system is also convenient for buildings that are being remodeled and have replacement windows. The box of this system is completely hidden under the facade, so it does not affect the external appearance of the building. If you want to provide quality protection from the sun with the best insulation, we recommend the new Termobox insulation boxes that are mounted above the window.

Termobox-V is easily and quickly mounted on the window. The box is constructed from styrofoam and is reinforced with sheet steel for durable and strong structural stability and fully complies with energy saving regulations. It has exceptional heat and sound insulation, protects against wind and other weather influences. The dimensions of the box are 300x300 mm. In Termobox-V, you can also install a roller mosquito net for protection against insects.

In addition to the standard colors, which include White RAL 9016, Brown RAL 8014, Gray RAL 9006 and Anthracite gray RAL 7016, all other colors from the RAL palette are also available. The louvre slats are aluminum, and the offer includes 4 types of slats C-65 mm, C-80 mm, Z-75 mm and Z 90 mm. They also provide high static durability, increased anti-burglary protection, harmonious design with elegant contours.

The mechanism for lowering and raising the blinds can be made in two variants - manual, standard automatic via a push or string, mounted on the window frame, and automatic via an electric motor built into the blind box, for greater comfort and aesthetics. It is possible to raise and lower the blinds via a switch on the wall or by remote control. You can independently control multiple blinds with the remote control from your armchair.





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