Glass fences


Glass fences are an absolute trend in architecture. With their minimalistic design, they fit perfectly into modern buildings. The glass fence, which has no other elements except for the support at the bottom, makes this type of fence the most elegant solution for interior or exterior decoration.

You can further customize the glass railings by selecting the handrail on the upper part of the glass. We offer rounded, oval or flat handrails.
The glasses that are installed in the glass fence are tempered or laminated, and in addition to the classic transparent, you have the option of choosing tinted, frosted or glass in different colors.

Glass fences can be applied to most surfaces such as balconies, corridors and stairs, and with their beautiful design they will surely dominate both family and business buildings.

Glass with its transparency (or different colors), regardless of the fact that it physically limits the space, visually creates a feeling of openness and freedom.
Even the safety of the fence itself is not in question, because the glass hardens through the process of tempering and/or lamination, which makes it an incomparably unique solution for fences.
With its presence, it performs its assigned function and makes the space modern. Simply the perfect solution for your home or office space.


Vertical glass support system for glass railings of modern aesthetics and top robustness. Continuous base profiles without mullions, to leave the visual field free and offer a sense of luxurious freedom.

  • Extreme sturdiness due to the continuous profiles.
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Constructions of great lengths without any glass alignment issues.
  • Extensive variety in terms of placement, glass thickness, handrails and surface treatment.
  • Glass Thickness 10+10, 8+8, 6+6, 5+5 mm.
  • Handrails - Various shapes (flat, oval, round, square).
  • Top quality in terms of design and production.
System Typologies Description
M8200 On-floor, with a 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass
M8207 On-floor, with 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass
M8209 On-floor, with 5+5mm, 6+6mm and 8+8mm glass up to 70cm height
M8208 On-floor and curved, with 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass
M8202 Side mounted, with 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass
M8210 Side mounted, with 8+8mm and 10+10mm glass

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