88 MD

88 MD system represents a future of window technology, the future that is already available to all our clients. This premium uPVC system increases thermal insulation, offers outstanding security and is one step ahead of all other uPVC systems. Thanks to its modularity and advanced technology, this impressive system stands out with its individuality and cost effectiveness. 88 MD is a seven chamber system with installation depth of 88 mm and additional central seal.

With 88 MD uPVC system we achieve so many - windows with large glazed areas with excellent sound insulation values. High tensile structure inside uPVC window profile allows installation of immense triple glazing up to 56 mm thickness. With large glazed windows, your home will have a modern look with positive side effect in solar gains and hence reduction of CO₂ emissions and decrease in energy costs especially during winter.
88 MD system has a strong construction profiles and with steel reinforcement and high quality fittings it makes your window safe and reliable. And when it comes to safety and functionality, only the best quality fittings are installed in Fenstram windows, for more information click here. For our window handle offer, please click here.

Even the standard version of this high-insulation seven-chamber centre seal system fulfils the high energy saving requirements for passive house thermal insulation. The heat transfer coefficient of Uf=0,95 W/(m2K) is achieved on triple glazing 48 mm thick. What is exceptional here is that this thermal insulation value is achieved with a steel reinforcement for max element sizes and on colour profiles. With additonal inserts, this uPVC system can achieve a value of up to 0,88 W/(m2K).

Let this uPVC system inspire you. Besides classical white, wide collection of smooth, wood grain, plain and metallic laminate colours is available. Choose a best combination for your home, with colour on one or both sides of your windows.
Our complete laminate colour range is available by clicking here.

Our greenline principle: Energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling concepts provide for that extra sustainability.




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