Insect protection


With nice weather comes insects, which bother us both day and night.
A permanent solution to the problem of unwanted insects in our home is various types of insect protection installed near the window.
Nowadays, mosquito nets have become an integral part of windows and balcony doors, and customers, when buying new windows, decide to install mosquito nets that suit them best.

Mosquito nets are a product that, during ventilation, will protect you from the entry of annoying insects into your living or working space. They are mounted on all types of PVC and aluminum joinery (windows and doors). They are made of material that is resistant to all weather conditions, according to the size that fits your window and door.

We offer different types and colors of mosquito nets, so you can always find a solution that is both functional and aesthetically acceptable at the same time.
We offer you 5 types of mosquito nets: integrated mosquito net, fixed mosquito net for windows, fixed mosquito net for balcony doors, roller mosquito net and pleated mosquito net.

The advantage of mosquito nets is that they can be installed at any time - during the installation of the window, but also after a certain time. They are easy to assemble, and the production itself is carried out based on exact measurements from your facility.

All mosquito nets are available in several colors, so they can easily be adapted to your windows and facade.


When installing a window with blinds, the simplest solution for you is an integrated mosquito net that is installed together with your chosen blind. With all types of Fenstram blinds, integrated roller mosquito nets can be installed, which are installed directly in the box of the blind. With double-hung windows, you have the option of installing an integrated mosquito net on one side only.

The integrated mosquito nets are attached to the base of your window frame by simply pulling them down.
Their main advantage is aesthetics, because they are installed directly in the two-channel guide through which your blind also passes. They are very practical because they can be lifted up at any time, which makes it easier to clean the windows and the window sill.


Fixed mosquito nets are a simple solution to protect against insects, especially for windows that are not often used. They are attached directly to the window frame. The net is attached in a fixed aluminum frame, and then a mosquito net with spring pins is attached to the window. Despite its name, the mosquito net is not completely fixed, as the nets can be removed at any time. They are easy to remove and reattach, as they have a special spring mechanism and handles on the inside. This is especially convenient due to the need to clean and maintain the windows and outside bench.

There are many installation options for fixed mosquito nets because they can be installed practically in every window. Regardless of whether it is made of PVC, aluminum, with a blind or any sun protection. It is also suitable for irregularly shaped windows. The clear and straight lines of the frame provide a seamless connection with your object. There are several types of colors on offer, so you can easily match the fixed mosquito net with any color of window and facade.


Winged mosquito nets make it much easier for us to go out on the terrace or in the yard with adequate protection from insects. Balcony doors are often opened and closed, and they are often used for passage outside and inside. That is why they need constant protection against the passage of insects into the room, and at the same time they provide simple management from the inside and outside. The principle is the same as for the door itself, and the closing system ensures that the mosquito net remains closed even when exposed to strong wind or drafts.

Wing mosquito nets are flexible, high-quality protection against insects intended primarily for balcony doors, and they can also be convenient for windows. The profiles are made in such a way that they need a small depth, which is why it is often possible to install them in combination with blinds or blinds. In most cases, wing mosquito nets are installed in such a way that they open outwards, and when the installation situation does not allow it, they can also open inwards. The mosquito net frame is made of high-quality extruded aluminum that ensures the durability of your investment. The color of the mosquito net is available in the desired shade of the RAL palette.


Roller mosquito nets are an aesthetically and functionally excellent solution. Like blinds, they are wrapped in a special box where they remain protected from weather conditions and are invisible to the eyes. The guides of the roller mosquito net have an inserted brush that guarantees the stability of the net even in the wind. The box, guides and final profile are made of high-quality aluminum. Manual operation with the click system is very simple, and the built-in brake ensures that the mosquito net is rolled into the box with optimal speed, which prevents injuries.

Roller mosquito nets are a good solution for classic windows. This mosquito net protects against weather influences even during the colder part of the year, when you don't need it for insects. Simple opening system - we fix the mosquito net in the lower position by simply pressing the final profile down. With the same stroke, let's relax the mosquito net and return it to its box. In addition to the standard colors, all colors from the RAL palette are also available.


Pleated mosquito nets are easy to use and save space. They have a pleated mesh that folds into a pack and opens like an accordion. The mosquito net does not need any space to open the wings, simply fold it into the side profile. Due to simple assembly and installation, pleated mosquito nets are very popular with balcony doors. They are available in single-wing and double-wing versions. Single-winged ones are closed on the side, and double-winged ones are closed in the middle. The tension wires ensure a constant voltage and a smooth flow of the network. The bottom profile is low, so they are also very suitable for balcony doors without a threshold.

The mosquito net moves left and right by simply pulling the side profile and allows stopping in any position. Pleated mosquito nets are made of high-quality aluminum profiles and are available in all colors of the RAL palette. Since the net is fully stowed in the side profile, it provides a clear view of the outside when you don't need a mosquito net.


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