Prestigious aluminum system for designing windows and doors where it is necessary to achieve very good thermal insulation. The Star system features a 45 mm thermal barrier, constructed of resistant materials, which forms a secure barrier that protects against heat loss. This system of modern design has the same type of insulating insert in the frame and wing, which ensures continuity of protection against heat loss throughout the structure. Star is an innovative system that introduces a new standard of profile and glass overlap - the increased depth improves the thermal and structural properties of the system. New water drainage system from the structure - no visible elements to mask the water drainage holes. The system also has the option of glazing from the outside. The old system is recommended for low-energy buildings and buildings undergoing thermal modernization, but also for standard buildings. A large palette of colors available - RAL, structural colors, wood imitation, anodizing, two-tone profiles. See the color palette here.

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