Add-on roller shutter

PVC shutter VariNova has a wide field of application, both in newly built buildings and in old buildings. Depending on the installation method, the service of the VariNova box can be carried out by access from the inside or from the bottom. In this way, the element is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
The cost-effectiveness of this blind box is reflected in the thermal insulation advantage, which causes a reduction in heating costs.
The heat transfer coefficient is Ur=0.85 W/m2K.
The VariNova blind box and its guides can be combined with all the PVC systems we offer, including the AluClip variants.

All PVC profiles have excellent resistance to sunlight, weather conditions and can be completely recycled.
In terms of design, this type of blind is far ahead of the competition. The complete range of decor foils available for PVC profiles is also available for blinds, and in the case of the AluClip window variant, your blinds can also be given the desired color according to the RAL palette.

We also offer a large selection of aluminum slats in 37 mm and 39 mm dimensions.
The VariNova is completed by a roll-integrated mosquito net, which can be retrofitted into the box at any time.
The revision can be carried out on the spot both from the inside of the box and from below, which gives the possibility of hiding the box under the facade.

The VariNova blind box is available in 4 different sizes: G1 (175/218), G2 (205/218), G3 (205/250) and G4 (240/250).
The integrated mosquito net fits all box types G1-G4.

All roller blind systems, including the Varinova system, have the option of manual or motorized operation with the option of raising the roller blind with a remote control. Single-channel or multi-channel remote controls can be selected.
All PVC profiles that enter the VariNova system are produced with stabilizers based on calcium zinc, the so-called "greenline" stabilizers, which are harmless to the environment and do not contain lead.

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