External concealed roller shutter

Aluminum sub-facade boxes differ from standard exterior boxes in that they are installed under the facade, which makes them invisible, and thus the entire window construction looks more elegant. This box system can be used in new buildings, during reconstruction or replacement of windows, before the completion of the final appearance of the building, i.e. facades. The front part of the box is equipped with an angular profile that supports the facade and thus prevents it from cracking.
This system allows the highest level of aesthetics because the box is hidden under the facade. Only the lower inspection part of the box is visible, which can be opened for blind maintenance or eventual service.
The advantages of under-facade aluminum blinds are: high thermal insulation (heat losses can be reduced by up to 30%), anti-burglary protection, sound insulation, protection from the sun and unwanted views, easy handling and different control methods (drive via pulley, string or electric motor), resistance to all weather conditions and longevity.

The dimensions of the boxes depend on the height of the window, i.e. blind cover, so the box can be 137x137 mm, then 165x165 mm, 180x180 mm for larger windows, i.e. balcony doors.

In addition to the standard colors, which include White RAL 9016, Brown RAL 8014, Gray RAL 9006 and Anthracite gray RAL 7016, all other colors from the RAL palette are also available.
All sizes of blind boxes can be fitted with a mosquito net to protect against insects.

Blind slats are aluminum, filled with polyurethane foam in a wide range of colors and ensure maximum heat and sound insulation, window protection and color fastness. They also provide high static durability, increased anti-burglary protection, harmonious design with elegant contours.

The mechanism for lowering and raising the blinds can be performed in two variants - manual, standard automatic via a push or string, mounted on the window frame, and automatic via an electric motor built into the box of the blinds, for greater comfort and aesthetics.
It is possible to raise and lower the blinds via a switch on the wall or by remote control. You can independently control multiple blinds with the remote control from your armchair.

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